Naruto 681 Prediction - The Other Side

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Naruto Sennin Rikudo God Mode
Naruto Rikudo God Mode

Naruto 681
Status: Prediction
Credits: DeadWay

Sasuke clashes with Kaguya but is sent flying back by a wave of force into the side of the volcano

Sasuke: *Dammit, fast...and strong*
Kakashi: !?..
Kakashi: Those attacks, they resemble Gai's Night elephant...
Kakashi: *Could she have all limiters opened and still be alive? How strong is she..*
Naruto is floating infront of Kaguya while Sasuke is standing on the volcano with Susano behind her
Kaguya: It's been a long time since someone has dared to attack me from my blind spot, you spoke my name, you should know who you're dealing with.
Sasuke: Doesn't matter, I'm putting you down.
Naruto: Hold on Sasuke...
Kaguya: ...
Naruto: Where the hell are we.
Sasuke looks around, there's nothing but lava.
Scene changes to Tobirama and Hiruzen standing near each other
Hiruzen: You felt it as well?
Tobirama: Yes, waiting for the others.
Hashirama lands near them
Hashirama: Whats happening? Is Madara defeated?
Minato teleports next to Tobirama
Tobirama: Good, fourth, do you feel this?
Minato: !'s like...hiraishin...
Hashirama: What do you mean?
Tobirama: When we use Hiraishin, we can move to objects with tags, small tags with small amounts of our chakra that can be felt anywhere. Right now, we feel that as well, but it's on a huge scale.
Hiruzen: You said your chakra though, if you didn't do this..then who did.
Tobirama: Don't know, but whoever it is, it's not letting me or the fourth get there.
Minato: I marked both Naruto and Obito, yet I can't seem to jump to them.
Hashirama: So then wherever they jumped to..
Tobirama: Yeah..they're here...just.. not here with us.
Kaguya: I'm surprised the body was able to notice before the eyes, just like Hagoromo, you're a curious one.
Naruto: ....
Sasuke: Answer him.
Kaguya: We're still on earth, just the other side.
Kakashi: Other side?
Kaguya: It appears Hagaromo never mentioned this place, I'll educate you all a bit before I end your lives.
We see Kaguya, she has black hair, normal eyes and normal clothing.
Kaguya: Many years ago, being married to a warrior, or what you may call "Samurai" was the best life choice a woman could make due to the endless wars. My family was poor, but I was rich, rich with beauty that got the heart of the chief of the samurai.
We see Kaguya and her husband walk down a hallway as guards bow down
Husband: From this point on, you shall be known as Princess Kaguya, anyone who says otherwise, you come to me got it?
Kaguya: Ye-yes.
Husband: This castle is yours as well, you may go anywhere you wish...except for this room.
Kaguya: ?
Husband: Whatever you do, do not enter here, that's an order.
Kaguya: Of course, Lord Ootsutsuki.
Husband: Please, call me Jashin.
Kaguya: After a year, I was expecting to give birth to two twin boys, this was supposed to be a great moment for us however, one night, a raid of enemy samurai attacked our castle at night.
Naruto: ...
Kaguya near a guard
Kaguya: What's going on!?
Guard: Princess Kaguya, go find some place safe, it's not safe here!
Kaguya: Where's my husband?
Guard: At front, please--
Guard gets impaled by spear
Kaguya: !!?
Enemy Samurai: There she is..
Kaguya starts to run away but comes to the one door in the far back.
Kaguya remembers what Jashin said but enters anyway for the safety of her children.
It's pitch black
Enemy Samurai: Come out come out wherever you are...
Kaguya: * wish I could...see*
Behind her a tree starts to light up, giving light
Kaguya looks at it and her eyes start to turn white
Enemy Samurai break the door down and charges towards Kaguya
Kaguya: GET BACK!!
Kaguya releases an open air palm stike that blows up the entire samurai
Kaguya collapses
Kaguya: I feel....weak..
????: Eat the fruit, you need energy, this will restore yourself...
Kaguya: Who....
????: Hurry...or do you want your unborn children to die.
Kaguya without hesitation grabs the fruit and bites it
Kaguya's black robe and hair become white and grows horns.
Guard: Princess Kaguya, are you all --
Kaguya is there floating with the blown up enemy samurai underneath her.
Jashin walks in in shock
Jashin: !?? This is...
Kaguya: It's me...
Jashin: This is a demon! From the tree, kill it!
The samurai are hesitant but attack anyway
Kaguya: You.....STAY BACK!
Kaguya blasts the samurai with lightning, leaving only Jashin there.
Jashin: Get back witch!
Kaguya: you disgust me....can't even recognize your own you know how that feels...
Jashin gets backed into a corner
Kaguya: I'll make sure no one recognizes you, ever again.
Back to reality
Sasuke: So you killed him?
Kaguya: No, I sent him here, for all eternity.
Sasuke: Here?
Kaguya: Yes, Limbo.
Naruto: I knew it...we each give off the same presence as Madara's shadows.
Kaguya: Enough talk, I'll finish off all you filthy humans who look at me as a monster, and create a new line of humans who know nothing about chakra or violence, and what better way to do it with the one who started it.
End panel shows the death god, jashin, appearing behind Naruto who looks shocked
Chapter end



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